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SEO Content Copy Writing Tips 2013

SEO Content Creation Advice Writing high-quality, search engine friendly content / articles for your website By far the best way to improve your website’s performance in the search engine results is to produce great content that search engines will like. 1.Write well “Content is king:” this is the mantra of every SEO-conscious web developer out there. […]

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HOW not to do SEO?

I am not really sure if you will count this as an advantage or disadvantage but I am living in the part of the world where SEO is highly misunderstood. I have spent almost 2 years of my life learning everything what one should not practice when it comes to SEO. One of the big […]

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Why the Google Penguin Update is Good For SEO

If you’re not familiar with Google’s latest algorithm update codenamed Penguin, you might be perplexed by falling search rankings for your websites. Every now and then, Google changes up their search ranking algorithms to cut down on spam, penalise duplicate content and generally eliminate weak websites from the first page. It’s an ongoing arms struggle […]

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