Google Hummingbird and SEOs

Google Humming
This is funny how people within the community react to different things. I remember, first time someone tossed “SEO is dead” and whole community was on the back of it and trust me if you are creative enough you can still generate links from the post that discusses about the dead SEO!
The panic was similar when Google launched wave, buzz, panda, penguin, caffeine, every single person talked about as if they knew everything about it. I think you must have remembered how quickly people came up with services and tools related to link removal right after few days of the 1st penguin update.
Now, it’s Google Hummingbird and literally speaking, tons of people are talking about as if the Google change the game by this!
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What is Hummingbird?
According to Danny Sullivan’s post on search engine land, Hummingbird by Google is actually a new engine to the old car. Last time this kind of change was occured in 2001 when Amit Segal joined the company and re-wrote the algorithms in details. 
According to the post Google adopted hummingbird a month ago. This actually focuses on every word in the query instead of picking important keywords and displays the results accordingly.
What’s in it for SEOs?
The shortest and honest answer to this question is Nothing! It is just news that you should be aware of as a professional but saying that this hummingbird is a game changer is not true at all.
As an SEO you still need to research and create quality content that not only help you build your brand within the targeted audience but also get you some quality links that points back to your website.
You still need to use innovative ways to generate high quality backlinks for your website so that your website can perform better in search results and get better online visibility from the desired key phrases.
SEO job still remains the same as they have to do everything white hat that help the business get better search engine rankings, quality backlinks and branding exposure that as a whole can increase the amount of sales and leads for the business.
Hummingbird is a new engine so I am expecting the Google car to perform better and provide quality results but posts that SEO is dead again or what we should adopt or avoid in the post hummingbird era is nothing but a waste of time.
Hummingbird might make our jobs more difficult but it’s not going to change the way search engine works so as SEOs our job remains the same. Do Quality Stuff!



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