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Great SEO is a Great Expense ….. ?

  • Quality content is still key. 
    When it comes to getting back-links and driving organic search traffic to your site, one thing hasn’t changed.  Offering a wide selection of useful, relevant content is still the best way to get noticed on Google.  Well-written articles, engaging videos, and vibrant images all make your site attractive to human visitors, and they engage search engine bots, too.

  • Local search is on fire. 
    As tablets and smartphones continue increasing in popularity, more and more users are searching on the go – for restaurants, service providers, and other businesses.  You can use the popularity of local search to drive traffic to your site by maintaining up-to-date profiles on popular citation sites like Yelp, Manta, Yahoo, and others. 

  • Moderation is a winning strategy. 
    Too much, too fast has never been a wise way to perform SEO, and that holds true despite the various algorithm changes that have occurred over the years.  Building natural backlinks, sharing engaging content, and manually networking with other webmasters may seem like a slow process, but that’s just what you need to get ahead.



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