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How important is C Class IP Address for SEO?


One of the best online marketing techniques is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The best SEO company is hired by organizations and businesses to make use of this technique in the best possible way. Those who want to promote their business using this technique must be aware of all the dynamics that are associated with the method.
These days, different C Class IPs are used to create backlinks and this has become a major part of the process of search engine optimization. Before embarking on the implementation of this element in the SEO strategy, it is imperative to know and understand what C Class Internet Protocol is.
Story and reason behind the whole creation of differ
At one time, website owners used to create many tiny sites with backlinks to the actual main website which led to the increase in the probability of top ranking of the main site in the search engine. This ranking was irrespective of the common and abundant use of keywords. This soon led to widespread spamming by website owners.ent C Class IP addresses
However, with time, the search engines formed a set of rules and regulations according to which, this easy and quick manner of website promotion was discouraged. The search engines started giving negative ratings to those sites which led to the practice becoming pointless. These rules and regulations needed to be bypassed in such a way that promotions could be carried on as before without actually breaking the rules. This gave rise to the concept of using C Class IP addresses which provided a platform for the wide utilisation of backlinks but within an atmosphere that was absolutely controlled.
Concept and usage of C Class IP address
To understand the usage, it is important to understand what C Class Internet Protocol address is and the concept behind it. There is a domain name for every website and there is a specific IP address of each domain name. The server from which a website runs is identified by the IP address. This gives each online website a unique identity, playing a major role in security issues. However, in this process, the website is identified by the IP addresses to search engines and those who do not have a unique Class C IP address can be penalised for the usage of SEO practices.  All of the IP addresses come in 4 different groups which are represented by numbers with periods separating them. If the IP address looks like 123.456.789.1234, then class A is 123 and so on. When the same server is used by different websites, problem arises since all of them have the same IP address and this leads the search engines to recognise them as the same website. This results in the websites being penalised. The main aim is then to create unique Class C IPs for each site by thebest SEO company and it is indeed very important. A website with different backlinks having the same class Cs, in all probability, is not much at a risk of being penalized. But if the creation of backlinks leads to the creation of many different websites, problem arises and it becomes imperative for websites to have unique Class C IPs.
Many companies take the help of SEO hosting service providers who tinker with this Class C IP address concept. This hosting is quite simple, making use of various Class C IP addresses. When a SEO hosting company is chosen, they guarantee you the provision of data centres with locations in various sections of the country and even the world, which allows the company to have different Class C IP addresses.
This property can be identified easily by using various IP tools that can be availed as browser extensions. All you have to do is make sure that the links gotten are from sites that have different Class C Internet Protocol addresses which can include press release sites, article directories, social bookmarking sites and web directories.
The best SEO company helps you use this concept to the maximum advantage and with time, the impact of this action can be felt by taking a look at the rankings.




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